Point Action Services

The Trusted PCI Compliant leader of InfoTech Solutions in helping business and people in creating web presence thru providing support, web hosting, web design and other services on a secure network. We support our Clients generate more Business, and increase their Sales Production thru our Cutting Edge Technologies, the Next Generation of nfoTech Solutions.

We offer IT services around the globe that are most reliable and affordable for everyone alike, repackaging our services in a variety of selections to suit corporate and individual needs and specifications. We pride ourselves as the leading worldwide web hosting service provider. Our rates are competitive! Services are of quality results!

We also partner up with major compaines such as Attracta, MerchantPlus, GlobalSign and CDGcommerce to provide you with world class web hosting, ssl certificates, merchant accounts, domain name registration, free search engine optimization (SEO) tools and local services such as home wireless network setups, business network setups, and computer upgrades and repairs. Why go elsewhere when you can get it all at one place by the best service provider company out there.

Point Action Services is now Trusted and PCI Compliant which we have spent the time and money to comply with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Our Web Hosting Servers

Each Network server runs highly configured versions of CentOS Linux and run on are all custom built servers with Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon Gulftown E5620 2.40GHz processors with 36 GB of memory. Each server is equipped with SATA-II hard drives and configured using raid 10 with redundant dual hot-swappable power supplies. All servers optimized to meet all your performance in your business and personal web hosting needs.

Our Network

This diverse powerful network featuring Level 3, Internap, AboveNet, and TW Telecom provides our customers optimum speed and reliability; also offers high speed connectivity from multiple carriers and clean IP addresses in a true carrier neutral environment.

  • Multiple carriers with diverse building entrances
  • Fully redundant Cisco architecture using 12008 routers and 6509 Layer3 switches
  • HSRP failover protection
  • Dual network feeds to each customer

This provides the best possible service for your business and personal web hosting needs

Our Data Center

We offer offer to our customers one of the premiere telecom buildings and critical data routing hubs located in our downtown data center is positioned in the heart of the telecommunication district in metropolitan Los Angeles. Scalable to suit the needs of our valued customers this downtown location offers a top-notch facility for mission critical computing and network infrastructure for your business and personal web hosting needs.


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